Do you have co-workers who need to fix broken phones or classmates with shattered iPads? Give us a call today and request a One Team Box for a special bulk discount.
You have a sick device but don't have time to call around to explain the problem? Not a big deal. Call Gadget Medics today for a free of charge on-the-spot diagnostic.
We truly value our customers' time. This is why we come to you. Spend your time on lunch or reading an interesting book. Gadget Medics will fix your device on the go.
One Team Box
On-The-Spot Diagnostic
Service on the Go

Gadget Medics School & Business Program

Do not waste your paycheck or scholarship money on expensive repairs. Save some for a pack of beer after a long day, or a dinner with someone you like. Gadget Medics will help you with that.
Do you want device support for your employees or students without any loss to your pocket? Call Gadget Medics today and we will make a deal with you. And of course we won't charge you extra.
Do you want your phone fixed fast? With our service, most devices are fixed in 30 minutes. If the problem is more complicated, we will bring it back to you at an agreed time for no extra charge.
Team and Student Discounts
No Monthly Fee
Fast Easy Fix
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